Teamspeak Please find below all the information on our team speak server. Should you wish to join click the button below. Please be sure to read all the rules first.

Please message an admin for membership. This is free, it’s just an icon to let you move people and see into channels. You don’t have it by default because it stops random people joining and messing around.

What can admins do?

  • Enter any channel
  • Move and create (private) channels
  • Kick or ban users
  • Silence users
  • Jail users
  • Exclusive icon!!!111
  • Make yourself or others unmovable
  • Make yourself or others immune to idle kick
  • Make yourself or others un pokeable
  • Have up to a 6MB avatar
  1.  No animal or human cruelty. I don’t want to see a dead person when i’m eating my cereal, that’s why I don’t eat in the garden anymore.
  2. No homophobia. We are all a bunch of gays we don’t need reminding of it.
  3. No spoilers please. That includes film, TV, LoL games. You guys are lucky that I already knew he was Luke’s father.
  4. No sexism. I haven’t seen a girl here in all of the three years I have been here. I’m 100% certain that it’s because of sexism and not because we don’t know any girls.
  5. If you get banned by an admin, complain to a different admin not the one who just banned you, i mean for real guys why would the guy who just rage-banned you want to talk to you.
  6. If you have a complaint or would like to revise these rules please ask Sean for his email and send him your suggestion alongside £6 to his paypal.
  7. Don’t ask about the bribery and corruption within this teamspeak. If you have a problem with the bribery and corruption please ask Sean for his email and send him your concerns alongside £6 to his paypal.
  8. Almost forgot, don’t be racist either. Thanks.
  9. When you kick or ban a user you MUST use this video as the reason:
  10. Admin abuse can result in your admin being temporarily removed.
Join Teamspeak.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive


This is just a sample of what you can expect from our professional CS: GO teams.

Servers may not be up at all time, if they are not up look for a admin and ask them to put them online. If you have created a map and would like us to host it just ask! Currently we have have 1 user submitted map made by Pk’s Friend.(Sorry I forgot the name)

Head over to to check out the servers.

If you would like to become a admin on the server please speak to Sean or Jack (Duhuh).

If you would like to submit something to be here talk to a Jack/Ollie/Sean

Someone’s been a naughty boy. Head over to to contest your ban. (I head sending £6 to seans paypal helps)

League of Legends

Its a joke of a game (LOL get it). Although other MOBA are welcome and played on this teamspeak not limiting to but including such titles as DoTA2. This is by far the most popular game.

Ah so you have head of THE TEAM, yes it is part of emerge although I do not believe they are taking on any new members although should you be good enough to impress the moose you may be on the next train to the LCS.

Because fuck you thats why.

Sure just literally hop in any channel and ask people if they want to play a game of Lol. most likely you will find a friend.

Steam Community

Please take a second to stop and pray to our almighty savior, and bask in his pimples and unshaven spots.

Should you wish to join our steam community click the button below to go to our steam page where you can join.

Currently we are open and anyone can join. Feel free to say hello on the main page.

Visit Steam Page